Meeder Investment Management and UACC Join Forces
Proud to Serve as the Largest Manager of Public Funds in Ohio

We Are Better Together

Video Featuring Bob Meeder, President Meeder Investment Management and Dennis Yacobozzi, President and CEO of UACC

The two largest investment advisory firms, focused on managing investments for public entities across the state of Ohio, Meeder Investment Management and United American Capital Corporation (UACC), have joined forces with UACC becoming part of the Meeder organization. This is great news for clients of both firms as this partnership combines the expertise of two well-respected organizations, along with a wider range of investment solutions, greater depth of resources, and a continued commitment to excellent service.

Investing Public Funds Since 1991

United American Capital Corporation, a registered investment adviser, is in its 26th year of providing institutional fixed-income investment management services. Currently, the firm has over $4.9 billion in discretionary assets under management. UACC is one of the largest firms in Ohio to exclusively manage the investments of public entities.

Investment Management Approach

UACC believes that continuous investment in the bond market is vital toward achieving greater returns over time. Our portfolio management process is designed to avoid unnecessary risk to the principal while ensuring adequate liquidity and maintaining consistent returns.